About Us

Dandy Worldwide was established 2021 in Southern California with one mission in mind: your new favorite hoodie. Our goal was to make something that was unique and high-quality. Everyone loves a good hoodie, including us here at Dandy. It didn't take long for us to realize that the majority of hoodies and sweatshirts out there were screen printed on thin, low-quality fabrics that are not made to last. It was impossible for us to find a fully embroidered, graphic hoodie that was inexpensive enough to rationalize purchasing.. so we decided to make our own.

All of our products are custom cut and sewn to ensure the most comfortable fit for you. We test and source the softest and highest quality fabric we can find. Each one of our designs were thought-up and drawn by the company co-founders. We strive to create something that we are proud of, something that our followers will love to wear, and something that we would wear ourselves.

If you have purchased from us before we want to say thank you! We hope we have given you your new favorite hoodie. If you have yet to purchase from us, we invite you to take a look at our product page, maybe you will find something that catches your eye :)

We love you!

<3 Dandy Worldwide